Hello and thanks for reading our latest blog post about the recording process!

Here at Athena Strings we have recently had loads of fun recording some of our favourite repertoire for String Quartet, Trio and Duo in the wonderful Holy Trinity Platt Church. We were so grateful to be able to use the building as the gorgeous stained glass windows provided a beautiful back drop to our music making.

We decided to record a selection of classical, pop, film, tv and jazz music to show the broad range of styles our ensembles could play in, and over the course of two days we worked our way through an extensive list of music. Often in the recording process, several takes of each work are taken and then the best bits from multiple recordings are put together erasing all mistakes and creating an unrealistic interpretation of the performance. However, we wanted to be as authentic as possible and used live, single take recordings. Therefore you can guarantee that at your event we will sound exactly like you hear in these recordings!

We had a lot of fun and will be releasing a different video every Monday, so make sure you check in with us on Facebook to hear our song of the week! If there’s anything you would like to hear please let us know in the comments and we will make sure we include it in our next recording session.

Hope you enjoy listening,

Athena Strings x